“Some of the best cakes in the city have come out of the ovens at Swich.” – TimeOut KL

Swich is a cake and dessert shop and we have two outlets currently located at HP Towers and Publika Shopping Gallery.

Since breaking gently into the F&B scene in KL in 2012, Swich has been delighting customers with its delectably delicious cakes and desserts.

We offer a variety of cakes and desserts in the popular familiar flavours, as well as confectionaries with a twist, often incorporating local fruits and flavours. Some of our creations like the Cempedak Tutti Fruitti Cake has been voted by TimeOutKL as the Best Thing We’ve Eaten in 2012 and The Top 10 Food and Desserts in KL. Many blogs have billed Swich as the best place for cakes in KL.

Popular Familiar Favourites and Swich Specialty

Our Valrhona Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Carrot and Cranberry Cake, Salted Caramel Triple Valrhona Fudge Cake have been rated by some as the best in the city.

Cakes which are uniquely created by Swich include:

Mangosteen cake, Cempedak Tutti Fruitti cake, Avocado cake, Soursop Cream cake, Jackfruit cake, Ciku cake, Papaya and Lime cake, Chocolate Fudge and Chai cake, Malted Horlicks cake, Avocado Cheesecake with Avocado Mousse, Burnt Sugar cake, and the list is still growing.

Good Quality Ingredients

All our cakes bears the hallmark of well-made artisanal gourmet creations, because we use the finest imported and locally sourced ingredients, and we research, experiment and innovate to create the most delightful and sensuous confections that every tastebud deserves to experience. We don’t cut corners, we use fine products like Valrhona chocolate, Callebaut, Lescure cream, Madagascar and French vanilla, organic muscovado sugar, pure maple syrup, organic blue agave nectar, pomegranate molasses and the freshest fruits which we source from local farmers and markets. We pride ourselves with our quality, reliability, passion and dedication to bring exceptional cakes to the market at a reasonable price.

We do not use preservatives in our products, and all supplies are sourced from certified Halal suppliers.

Product Innovation

Swich develops high quality products that offer exceptional taste and experience to our customers. Each bite and each celebration becomes memorable with Swich cakes.
Our Sticky Date Pudding only has one tablespoon of sugar (we use organic muscovado) in the entire 9” cake because we use three times more dates. All our cakes contain less sugar and we use our own proprietary methods to extract the natural sweetness of fruits to sweeten the cakes. We are always experimenting with ingredients to create delicious products to delight our customers.

Swich’s cakes help make each occasion special and a celebration of life!

Thank you for your time visiting our website. Please take your time to explore the flavours we offer on this website or at our outlets.

I hope we will be able to help you make your day special.

Have a great day ahead!

Confectionally yours,

Lim Cheng Cheng
Owner, Chief Cake Creator and Cake Tester